A simple dialogue about a difficult topic

Sexual harassment takes place everywhere in working life. A dialogue between managers and staff is an important step in efforts to prevent and deal with sexual harassment at the workplace. It is not always easy to find the time and place for this dialogue. The topic is, by its nature, not easy to raise. We have therefore devised a quiz to help with just this. The quiz consists of 12 questions with alternative responses and opportunities for discussion. The time required for the quiz is estimated at 40 minutes, including discussion.

Do as follows

  • 1. Invite participants to a discussion about sexual harassment.

    The quiz functions for both large and small groups. If appropriate, divide the participants into smaller groups.

  • 2. Ask all participants to bring their own mobile phone or laptop.

    They will use this to take part in the quiz and give their answers. Inform the participants that it doesn't matter if the mobile or laptop hibernates during the quiz.

  • 3. You or another quizmaster use your own computer to hold the quiz.

    Use a projector or a large screen, if available. It is important that all participants are able to see the presentation screen.

  • 4. Start the quiz

    When all the participants are present, you are ready to start the quiz. We recommend that the quizmaster reads the questions aloud throughout the quiz so that everyone pays attention to the content.

There are no 'right answers' to the quiz questions. After the participants have given their answers, they are given the opportunity of discussing the topic. End the discussion when it feels right. The goal is not to reach agreement, but to discuss a difficult topic. The responses given are anonymous.

Start the quiz